Call for bids

The calls for bids to host the RaAM specialised seminar in 2019 will be published on this page as soon as it opens. The event will be organised by a Local Organising Committee led by a member of RaAM and will be expected to further the aims of the RaAM Association, as laid out in its constitution. In order to be held under the auspices of the Association, organisers must have their proposals approved by the Executive Committee. Advice and support will be available from the Executive Committee throughout the process of preparing for the event. RaAM Specialised Seminar 7 The specialised seminar is to be held between May and July of 2019. Specialised seminars are held in odd-numbered years, between the biennial conferences, and allow for a smaller group of metaphor scholars with particular research interests to present and discuss their research. RaAM encourages organisers to consider formats such as workshops, to allow for in-depth discussion. Specialised seminars usually attract between 50 and 100 participants, usually last two days, and may be attached to a larger event. Details on how to present a bid are available on the 'hosting an event'-page on the RaAM website. Information about previous seminars and conferences - including websites, programmes, calls for papers, etc. - can also be found on the website. Please feel free to contact the RaAM Conference Secretary with any questions, or to discuss a prospective bid informally.