Candidates for Chair

Candidates for the position of Chair (in alphabetical order).

Kathleen Ahrens

Affiliation: Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Nominator: Lily I-wen Su
Seconder: Dennis Tay
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Susan Nacey

Affiliation: Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences
Nominator: Andreas Musolff
Seconder: Tina Krennmayr
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Statement Kathleen Ahrens: "My goal as chair is to continue the current development of RaAM into a worldwide association that furthers the study of figurative language research in both theory and application. I would like to pursue this objective by expanding RaAM's relevance to researchers in the fields of social justice and environmental studies, as well as in the sciences and creative arts, through outreach and through the promotion of RaAM’s contributions to these fields. In this way, significant advances in figurative language research can positively impact interdisciplinary enquiries critical to advancing sustainable solutions in the world today. To achieve these goals, I will work with and draw upon the expertise of leading scholars in our field, including the outgoing, continuing, and newly elected members of the RaAM executive committee and RaAM conference/seminar organizers. I will also encourage scholars worldwide to join RaAM and participate in figurative language research so as to further develop and increase the visibility of advances in our field."

Statement Susan Nacey: "RaAM is an amazing organization that has been instrumental in promoting world-class metaphor research and providing a vibrant forum where metaphor researchers can share knowledge and collaborate. One of my primary goals as chair would be to work together with the EC and RaAM members to ensure that future RaAM events maintain the same spirit and top-notch quality as in the past. The future of RaAM, however, depends upon ensuring a steady stream of new and active metaphor researchers. To promote this, I would focus on diversifying RaAM membership – that is, maintaining the (primarily) western European members we already have, while simultaneously reaching out to members from other parts of the world (as with RaAM 12 in Hong Kong). I would also work on strengthening the support that RaAM and its senior members can offer to PhD fellows and Early Career Researchers, to help launch their careers as metaphor researchers. RaAM needs to be an organization that is constantly renewing itself, attracting more researchers to take ‘real-world’ metaphor research in new and exciting directions. About me: I am a corpus linguist who has been an active metaphor researcher ever since my first RaAM conference in 2006. I have been the RaAM secretary since 2014, and am the review editor for ‘Metaphor and the Social World’."