2016 elections results

At the 11th RaAM conference in July 2016 in Berlin, Germany, several positions on the RaAM Executive Committee (EC) were up for election.

Voting took place exclusively online, and 64 RaAM members cast their vote.

The results of the elections were as follows:

  • Treasurer (3 years): Alice Deignan (re-elected, unopposed)
  • Conference Secretary (3 years): Lettie Dorst (re-elected, unopposed)
  • Web editor (3 years): Gudrun Reijnierse (re-elected, unopposed)
  • Newsletter editor (3 years): Tina Krennmayr (re-elected, unopposed)
  • Postgrad Liaison (2 years): David O'Reilly (re-elected, unopposed)
  • Albert Katz was re-elected as ordinary member (2 years)
  • Allison Creed was newly elected as ordinary member (2 years)

The next EC elections will take place at the 2018 RaAM conference in Hong Kong. Please find more information about these elections on the RaAM Elections Page.