Student section

Welcome to the student section of the RaAM website! This section is designed to help students connect with each other and RaAM. Here you will be able to access our directory of student members, see pictures from student gatherings at RaAM events, connect to our Facebook group, and check out links/resources/blogs. The section is open to both members and non-members.

Student members of RaAM are represented by the Postgraduate Liaison, who provides feedback on student matters at RaAM’s Executive Committee meetings and works to improve the quality of experience for student members. Please email any comments, questions or suggestions to RaAM's Postgraduate Liaison. If you’re not part of the RaAM community yet, we encourage you to support RaAM by becoming a student member! By becoming a member, you will enjoy cheaper registration rates at RaAM conferences and seminars, as well as discounts on books and publications. For information about membership fees and how to join RaAM click here. Enjoy the student section! David O’Reilly RaAM Postgraduate Liaison (2014-2016)