Early Career Res. Paper Prize winners

The RaAM Early Career Research Paper Prize is awarded in conference years for the best research paper published by a researcher who has recently completed a PhD. This page displays a list of prize winners.


Jury: Anne Golden, Iwen (Lily) Su, and Albert Katz

Winner: Nina Julich-Warpakowsk of Leipzig University

Julich, N. (2019). Why do we understand music as moving?. In L. J. Speed, C. O’Meara, L. San Roque, & A. Majid (Eds.), Perception Metaphors (pp. 165-182). John Benjamins. doi:10.1075/celcr.19.09jul


Jury: David O’Reilly (co-ordinator), Marianna Bolognesi, and Min Reuchamps

Winner: Paula Pérez-Sobrino of the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

Pérez-Sobrino, P., Littlemore, J., & Houghton, D. (in press). The role of figurative complexity in the comprehension and appreciation of advertisements. Applied Linguistics. doi:10.1093/applin/amy039


Jury: Gill Philip (co-ordinator), Albert Katz, and Marc Alexander

Winner: Weiwei Zhang of the Shanghai International Studies University / University of Leuven

Zhang, W., Geeraerts, D., & Speelman, D. (2015). Visualizing onomasiological change: Diachronic variation in metonymic patterns for WOMAN in Chinese. Cognitive Linguistics, 26(2), 289–330. doi:10.1515/cog-2014-0093


Jury: Andreas Musolff (co-ordinator), Gill Philip, and Antonio Barcelona

Winner: Line Brandt of the Copenhagen Business School

Brandt, L. (2009). Metaphor and the communicative mind. Journal of Cognitive Semantics, 5(1–2), 37–72. doi:10.1515/cogsem.2013.5.12.37


Jury: Irene Mittelberg (co-ordinator), Alice Deignan, and Fiona MacArthur

Winner: Dennis Tay of the National University of Singapore

Tay, D. (2012). Applying the notion of metaphor types to enhance counseling protocols. Journal of Counseling & Development, 90(2), 142–149. doi:10.1111/j.1556-6676.2012.00019.x


Jury: John Barnden (co-ordinator), Lynne Cameron, and Graham Low

Winner: Karen Sullivan of the Autonomous University of Barcelona

Sullivan, K. (2009). The languages of art: How representational and abstract painters conceptualize their work in terms of language. Poetics Today, 30(3), 517–560. doi:10.1215/03335372-2009-004


Jury: John Barnden, Lynne Cameron (Co-ordinator), Graham Low, and Tony Berber Sardinha

Winner: Ana M. Piquer Píriz of the University of Extremadura

Piquer Píriz, A. (2008). Reasoning figuratively in early EFL: Some implications for the development of vocabulary. In F. Boers & S. Lindstromberg (Eds.), Cognitive linguistic approaches to teaching vocabulary and phraseology (pp. 219–240). Berlin: Walter de Gruyter.