Call for contributions RaAM Newsletter (Spring 2021)

We are in the process of preparing the Spring 2021 RaAM Newsletter and would like to encourage members to send us their contributions.

We are particularly interested in the following:

* upcoming conferences or workshops
* conference/workshop reports
* MA/PhD programs; summer/winter schools
* announcements of new projects
* updates on current projects
* details of recently completed MA / PhD / other projects
* details of recent publications (not necessarily your own) of interest to RaAM members
* calls for contributions
* anything else that may be relevant to RaAM members

PhD students are encouraged to contribute to the Metaphor Column and conduct an interview with an established academic and/or get interviewed themselves.

Note that the newsletter will be available in the public domain. The newsletter editor reserves the right to edit and adjust contributions.

Please send your contribution to

Deadline: 27 May 2021.