2020 EC elections: results

At the 13th RaAM conference, which took place online in June 2020 instead of at Hamar (Norway) due to the COVID-19 pandemic, several positions on the RaAM Executive Committee (EC) were up for election.


RaAM 2020 will be held online!

We are pleased to announce the first-ever on-line RaAM conference (RaAM 13) to be held from  18-21 June 2020! Susan Nacey and the local organizers in Hamar are planning a great on-line event with all the plenary speakers and workshops and talks…as well as social events! While this means we will not get to visit Norway at the summer solstice, we are all looking forward to this opportunity to try something new while staying safe and maintaining a low carbon footprint!

The technology the local organizers will be using is user-friendly (and free) and there will be many chances to meet up in informal virtual sessions prior to the conference so everyone can become comfortable with the platform. And of course, at RaAM, everyone is among friends, so mistakes are allowed! This will be a friendly, creative environment in which to explore the theme of metaphorical creativity in a multilingual world. 

Please see the Conference FAQ page for more details (https://eng.inn.no/conferences/raam-2020/transition-to-raam-2020virtual) and follow the conference on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram (@raamconf). Also, the conference organizers will be looking for virtual assistants to help facilitate the sessions — please check out the FAQ page for more information and volunteer!

We’re looking forward to a great conference! See you there!

COVID-19 updates

Dear RaAM members,

We hope you are all well and will be able to stay well during this period when COVID-19 is expanding rapidly around the globe. We know many of you have been asking about RaAM 13 to be held in June 2020 in Hamar, Norway. The conference organizers will put updates on their website: https://eng.inn.no/raam. Please check this site regularly for the most updated information. 

Thank you for your understanding and support of RaAM.

RaAM Executive Committee

Call for bids: RaAM 2022

The RaAM Executive Committee invites bids from teams interested in hosting the next RaAM conference in 2022. For more information, check out our Hosting a conference page.