Hosting a conference

As the leading international society on metaphor research, RaAM would like to lead the way in the growth in metaphor research. With this in mind, from 2020 onwards the RaAM conference will be held every year, instead of every two years, so as to provide the opportunity for more researchers to present their work to colleagues in the field.

The RaAM Executive Committee invites bids from teams interested in hosting the next RaAM conference in 2022.

The event should be organised by a Local Organising Committee (LOC) led by at least one member of RaAM and will be expected to further the aims of the RaAM Association, as laid out in its constitution. LOCs normally consist of a team of 2-4 researchers, plus student volunteers.

In order to be held under the auspices of the Association, organisers must have their proposals approved by the Executive Committee. Advice and support will be available from the EC throughout the entire process of submitting the bid and preparing for the event (please contact the RaAM Conference Secretary for any questions or to discuss your bid informally).

RaAM conferences

The 15th RaAM conference is to be held between May and July of 2022. RaAM conferences normally attract between 100-200 participants and normally last for three days. Recent conferences have been held in Cagliari (2014), Berlin (2016) and Hong Kong (2018). The next RaAM conference will be held in Hamar, Norway.

An example budget is available upon request. Please note that you need not budget any travel or accommodation for EC members. As RaAM is a charity, you may offer plenary speakers travel, accommodation and subsistence, but you may not pay them a fee.

The deadline for receiving bids is 30 November 2020

In order for the RaAM Executive Committee to be able to judge the suitability of the proposals, local organisers are asked to read the questionnaire for prospective hosts and complete the appropriate questionnaire (see below).