Hosting an event

The RaAM Executive Committee invites proposals to host conferences or specialised seminars. In order for the Committee to be able to judge the suitability of the proposals, local organisers are asked to read the questionnaire for prospective hosts and complete the appropriate questionnaire (see below).

Organising a conference

RaAM conferences take place bi-annually, in even years. The conferences will be events gathering between 100 and 200 delegates, for about three days.

Organising a specialised seminar

Specialised seminars take place bi-annually, in odd years. These seminars are academic meetings of various kinds at which applied metaphor researchers exchange information and hold discussion. They can be workshops, symposia, or mini-conferences, and will typically gather between 50 and 100 participants.

The aim of of the biennial Specialised Seminars is to gather applied metaphor researchers, and those from related fields, in order to focus on a specific aspect of research of relevance to RaAM members (for example, developments of particular research methodologies or research in a particular ‘real world’ context). These Seminars will tend to last two days and may be attached to a larger event.

Support for prospective local organisers

The Executive Committee of the RaAM organisation, and more especially the Conference Secretary, will be pleased to answer any questions you have relating to this event, and to provide the support and guidance needed by local organisers hoping to host the conference/seminar.