Bursary applications

The Association for Researching and Applying Metaphor (RaAM) is a registered UK charity with a mission to promote metaphor research around the world. In the past, we have accomplished this in part by providing bursaries for scholars to present at RaAM conferences and colloquia. Because the conference will be held virtually this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, RaAM has exceptionally decided to support up to 100 registration fees and associated RaAM memberships so that more people may attend this online event. Please see the details below:

A. RaAM 2020 paper presenters/authors and participants (i.e., those who are not presenters/authors of a paper) who are designated by the United Nations (UN) as members of Upper-middle-income, Lower-middle income, and Low-income economies, as specified here, may apply to RaAM for a bursary for the registration fee to attend RaAM 2020Virtual and to receive a nine-month gift membership to RaAM. 

      1. RaAM will provide up to 50 regular registration fee and 50 student registration fees for this purpose (or a combination thereof that does not exceed the total amount earmarked for this purpose), with the registration funds directly remitted to the Local Organizers. Recipients of these sponsorships/bursaries who are not currently RaAM members will also receive a nine-month gift membership to RaAM.
      2. Applications will be assessed on an ongoing basis. RaAM expects to be able to fund both presenters/authors and participants who will not be presenting their research. Bursaries will be given out on a first-come, first-serve basis (as long as funding is available), and the final deadline for application (if funds still remain) is June 1st.
      3. Applications may be made via this application form.

B. RaAM 2020Virtual presenters/authors and participants who are members of High-income economies, as specified here, and/or who do not receive a RaAM bursary are required to be a paid-up member of RaAM at the time of registration. (This is usual practice for all RaAM conferences and allows us to support metaphor research around the world).

      1. Presenters/authors and participants may check their membership expiration date using our check membership page.
      2. Presenters/authors and participants will be asked to input their membership expiration date when they register for the conference. 
      3. The deadline for conference registration is May 10th for presenters/authors and June 14th for other participants.