Previous events

Previous conferences

Since 1996 RaAM conferences have been held almost every second year. RaAM conferences took place in the following years and at the following locations:

2018Raam12, Hong Kong
2016Raam11, Berlin, Germany
2014RaAM10, Cagliari, Italy
2012RaAM9, Lancaster, UK
2010RaAM8, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2008RaAM7, Cáceres, Spain
2006RaAM6, Leeds, UK
2003RaAM5, Paris, France
2001RaAM4, Manouba, Tunisia
1999RaAM3, Tilburg, The Netherlands
1997RaAM2, University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark
1996RaAM1, University of York, York, UK

Previous specialised seminars

Since 2007, every odd year has seen a RaAM specialised seminar. These are meetings in the form of workshops, symposia, or mini-conferences, gathering between 50 and 100 participants. The seminars usually last for two days and may be attached to a larger event.

2017Ecological Cognition and Metaphor, Odense, Denmark
2015Metaphors in/and/of translation, Leiden, The Netherlands
2013Metaphor, metonymy & emotions, Poznan, Poland
2011Metaphor across Time and Genre, Almagro, Spain
2009Metaphor, metonymy & multimodality, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2007Issues in Researching Metaphor in Discourse , Ciudad Real, Spain