Presentations RaAM10

Presenters at the RaAM10 conference in Cagliari, Italy, were invited to send their presentations and posters to be uploaded to the RaAM website.

Below, you can find an overview of all available presentations. They are ordered by last name of the first presenter.

Ahmed Abdel-Raheem
Lodz University
Messaging battles in the Eurozone crisis discourse (pdf)
Ludmilla A’Beckett
Monash University
Building blocks for multimodal metaphors: Iconic segments and artistic parodies in cartoons (pptx)
John Barnden
University of Birmingham
Communicating Flexibly with Metaphor: a Replacement-Compounding-Strengthening Complex (ppt)
Anna M.C. de Bruyckere
Durham University
Metaphor entrenchment. A process account for scientific practice (pdf)
Fernanda Cavalcanti
Universidade Federal do Cear
The animal metaphor and the conceptualization of cabra (goat) in Brazilian Portuguese (ppt)
Kathrin Fahlenbrach
University of Hamburg
Audiovisual Metaphors of Depression in Moving Images (pdf)
Claudia Förster Hegrenæs
Norwegian School of Economics
TIME IS MOTION. A corpus-based study on the quantitative distribution of conceptual metaphors in translated and non-translated English
Matteo Fuoli
Lund University
Charlotte Hommerberg
Linnaeus University
Constructing trustworthiness through multimodal metaphor. An exploration of corporate visual rhetoric (pdf)
Kaline Girão Jamison, Ana Cristina Pelosi
Federal University of Ceara
Letícia Santos
State University of Ceara
Metaphor and empathy in the discourse of battered women and mediators (pptx)
Ekaterina Isaeva
Perm State University
Knowledge Communication in Computer Virology Discourse (pdf)
Vera Menezes
Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais
Metaphors in second language acquisition research (pptx)
Khadidja Merakchi & Margaret Rogers
University of Surrey
L’univers, un monstre informatique: How universal are metaphors about the universe? (pdf)
Núria Sara Miras Boronat
Universitat de Barcelona
Playing metaphors in philosophy: from Ancient fate to (post)modern freedom (pdf)
Katie Patterson
University of Liverpool
The theory of Lexical Priming and its role in understanding and communicating with metaphor (pdf)
Elena Semino, Veronika Koller, Jane Demmen, Andrew Hardie, Sheila Payne, Paul Rayson
Lancaster University
Zsófia Demjén
Open University
Metaphors for ‘good’ and ‘bad’ deaths in interviews with hospice managers (pdf)
Ivo Silvestro
University of Milan
Intellectual property of (metaphors of) DNA (pdf)
Stefanie Vogelbacher
Universität Heidelberg
Metaphor Negotiation as a resource for macro- and micro-level positioning in the Guardian Comment is free section (pdf)
Bodo Winter
UC Merced
Horror movies and the cognitive ecology of metaphor (pdf)