RaAM-endorsed events

RaAM endorses independently organised meetings that are concerned with metaphor and metonymy. A list of such events appears below.

Requests for endorsement should be directed to RaAM’s Chair.


9-14 August 2020Power, Persuasion, and Privilege: Metaphor as Mediator (symposium at AILA 2020)

Groningen, The Netherlands
5-8 March 2020When Metaphors Are Used to Persuade: Characters, Worldview, and Rationales (panel at NeMLA 2020)

Boston (MA), USA
11-12 October 2019The Body Politic Metaphor in Discourse, Past and Present

Otago, New Zealand
28-31 August 2019Metaphor Festival Amsterdam

Amsterdam, The Netherlands
13-15 May 2019Researching Metaphor - Cognitive and Other

Genoa, Italy
8-9 November 2018Intensive training: Finding metaphor in discourse

Basel, Switzerland
8-9 November 2018V International Conference on Metaphor and Discourse

Castell├│ de la Plana, Spain
20-21 September 2018Metaphors in Englishes around the world

Klagenfurt, Austria
30 August - 1 September 2018Metaphor Festival Amsterdam

Amsterdam, The Netherlands
24-27 October 20176th International Conference on Metaphor in Language and Thought

Salvador, Brazil
1-2 June 2017Metaphor and Translation
Toulon, France
30 March - 1 April 2017Look Both Ways: Narrative and Metaphor in Education
Amsterdam, Netherlands
4-7 January 2017Analyzing Metaphor in Discourse
Zagreb, Croatia
10-14 October 2016Metaphor as means of knowledge communication
Perm, Russia
31 Aug - 3 Sept 2016Metaphor Festival
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
27-28 May 2016 Building Figurative Language Repositories: Methods, Risks, and Challenges
Zagreb, Croatia
14-19 June 2015Methods for metaphor identification and analysis
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
26 June 2014Metaphor in natural language processing
Baltimore MD, USA
14 February 2014Metaphor in health communication
Lancaster, UK
October 2013New directions in metaphor research
Slagelse, Denmark