Researching Metaphor – Cognitive and Other

We are pleased to announce a new RaAM-endorsed event!

From 13-15 May, 2019, the University of Genoa, Italy, will host a conference on Researching Metaphor – Cognitive and Other.

The conference is concerned with work in the area of Cognitive Metaphor and the intense debate surrounding it, regarding the nature of metaphor, types of metaphor, classification of metaphors, metaphor and psychological theory, modes of research into metaphor, including corpus-based methodologies, concrete applications of metaphor theory to text and multimedial analysis. Just as the theoretical domains are extremely wide-ranging, so are the domains of application, with every area of language having been treated − literary, conversation, advertising, politics, classroom, art, medicine, law, economics, the world-wide web and other modes of multimedial communication, to name but a few..

Papers are therefore invited from all disciplines, including literature, linguistics, psychology, sociology, criminology, anthropology, communication studies, medicine, the hard and soft sciences, on any aspect of metaphor theory and its applications. Papers are also welcome which trace the development of metaphor theory and how developments in metaphor theory are related to more general developments in the field of scientific discovery. Work in progress which is already under way and which is at a stage where progress made can provide valuable insights will also be given due consideration.

The languages of the conference are English and French.

Plenary lectures

  • Marc Bonhomme
  • Jonathan Charteris-Black
  • Monika Fuldernik
  • Ray Gibbs
  • Zoltan Kovecses
  • Gerard Steen
  • Rita Temmerman

Call for Papers

Abstracts of no more than 400 words can be submitted to the Conference email address: (deadline 31 January 2019).

More information can be found here.