The Body Politic Metaphor in Discourse, Past and Present

We are pleased to announce a new RaAM-endorsed event!

On 11-12 October 2019 the Division of Humanities in the University of Otago (New Zealand) will host the international colloquium ‘The Body Politic Metaphor in Discourse, Past and Present’, in collaboration with the Centre for Cross-Cultural Discourse Studies and the School of Foreign Languages, both at the University of Fuzhou, China.

The body politic metaphor has a long history stretching from antiquity to the present, across cultures from Western Europe to East Asia. No wonder, then, the body politic metaphor has attracted scholarly attention not only from metaphor scholars but also from historians, political scientists, literary scholars and others. The colloquium will examine various aspects of the metaphorical discourse on the body politic from multi-disciplinary perspectives. The diachronic and cross-cultural approach to the body politic metaphor in this colloquium aims to enhance our global understanding of a metaphorical dimension of contemporary political discourse./p>

Keynote speakers

  • Professor Andreas Musolff (University of East Anglia)
  • Professor Roslyn Frank (University of Iowa)
  • Professor Hong Pan (University of Fuzhou)

Call for Papers

We welcome papers that discuss any aspects of the body politic metaphor: the cross-domain mapping between the body and the political community such as the state, the country, the empire, the nation and the like.
Abstracts of approx. 200 words for 20-minute papers may be submitted to until 15 August 2019.

More information is available on the colloquium website.