2021 RaAM Elections


At the upcoming virtual RaAM14 conference, the position for Newsletter Editor on the RaAM Executive Committee (EC) is up for election. We have three great candidates standing. Find out who they are and why you should vote for them here.

Who can vote?

Only paid-up RaAM members can vote in the elections. Check your membership status here and read how to become a RaAM member or how to renew your RaAM membership here.

When can I vote?

Voting takes place exclusively online from June 14th to June 21st, 2021, 11:59PM (CET). [Dates differ from those that have previously been communicated due to the candidate application deadline extension.]

How can I vote?

Go to this online form to vote. We ask you to fill out a ‘personal voting code’ and your membership end date. Please enter the email address that you used to register as a RaAM member in the field below to find out both.

You will receive an email containing a link to your personal page (please also check your junk folder). On this personal page your personal voting code and membership end date are listed.

Election results

Results are announced at the Annual General Meeting (AGM), and published on the RaAM website afterwards. In case of any questions about the voting process or the elections, feel free to send an inquiry to elections@raam.org.uk.