Candidates for Newsletter editor

Gudrun Reijnierse

Affiliation: Radboud University Nijmegen
Nominator: Marianna Bolognesi
Seconder: Susan Nacey

Statement Gudrun:

“I am standing for Newsletter Editor because I would like to continue my contribution to RaAM by being part of the EC. I have been the RaAM Web Editor for the past 6 years, and truly enjoyed working with other RaAM members.

After having redesigned the RaAM website, I would love to give the RaAM newsletter a new look as Newsletter Editor. To this end, I would like to collaborate closely with the new Web Editor to (further) streamline the production, publication, and distribution of the RaAM newsletter. I would also like to continue and expand the collaboration with other RaAM-board members as well as RaAM members to create unique content for the newsletters.

My knowledge of relevant tools for designing newsletters (both online and offline), my network within the RaAM community, and my familiarity with the RaAM board provide me with the necessary skills and experience to serve the metaphor community.”