Candidates for Ordinary member

Marianna Bolognesi

Affiliation: University of Bologna
Nominator: Susan Nacey
Seconder: Gudrun Reijnierse
"I am currently one of the two EC ordinary members, my position expires this year and I would like to continue serving RaAM in this position. Having participated to the EC meetings and having familiarized with the tasks involved, I believe that I would be an effective and efficient profile for this position, for the 2 years to come."
Lorena Bort-Mir

Affiliation: Universitat Jaume I de Castelló
Nominator: Marianna Bolognesi
Seconder: Lettie Dorst
"I would like to be part of the association because I think that, even though I am still a young researcher, I can bring my knowledge to the association in different ways: my experience in the administrative sector, my passion for research on metaphor and multimodality (cinema, specifically), my technological skills (creating websites, for example) and my organisational skills. I have already participated in other conferences and event organization committees, and I believe that my energy and desire to bring positivity to the research field will be beneficial to the association.

My research career is practically starting now, with the publication of my PhD thesis last year. I have several articles about to be published in different journals, among them Intercultural Pragmatics. My work colleagues always say that I have a lot of initiative and that I like challenges. I think these are two important qualities for RaAm."