Candidates for Postgraduate liaison

Justyna Wawrzyniuk

Affiliation: University of Bialysto
Nominator: Jekaterina Sumanova
Seconder: David O'Reilly
"I am standing for the position of RaAM Postgraduate Liaison because I remember the warm welcome and openness that I received from the RaAM community when I first joined the Association. I want to make sure that all PhD students, both new and current members, have a similar experience, and that they see RaAM as an inclusive and engaging space to expand their research and network. I would also like to preserve and strengthen the connections not only between the students themselves but also between the students and established academics, as I believe there is a lot to gain and give on both sides. As the Postgraduate Liaison, I would do my best to maintain all ongoing projects, such as the Metaphor Column and the PhD events, as well as create more opportunities where students can lend their voice to the discussion."