Elections – Newsletter Editor

Standing for Newsletter Editor

At our next seminar in May in Liège, Belgium, several positions on the RaAM Executive Committee (EC) will be up for election.

What is involved?

It is expected that Executive Committee (EC) members will each year attend and report at the two (or sometimes one) EC meetings and the Annual General Meeting (AGM), for which expenses will be reimbursed in line with RaAM policy. Where physical attendance is impossible, some form of video-conferencing link will normally be set up.

Why should you stand for election?

It is important that RaAM is run by its members and we need people to be willing to give their time and energy to making sure RaAM continues to develop as an international support for metaphor research and training. So, if you are interested in helping, please stand.

Task description for Newsletter Editor

  • Looking out for potentially interesting items
  • Canvassing members for items to be included
  • Asking for reports from members of the EC
  • Asking for advertisements/reports from organisers of conferences/workshops
  • Drafting the newsletter
  • Consulting with RaAM Chair about draft of the newsletter
  • Sending the newsletter to the Chair and/or the Web Editor for publication

Duration of appointment

The Newsletter Editor will be appointed for a period of two years.


Any questions about this post can be sent to RaAM’s newsletter editor.

How do you go about standing?

If you want to stand for Newsletter Editor, please fill in the 2019 Elections candidacy form. You will need to be nominated and seconded by colleagues who are members of RaAM at the time of nomination. Candidates will also need to be members of RaAM at the time of voting (i.e., between May 1st and May 16th, 2019). Nominators and seconders should make certain in advance that candidates agree to being proposed.