Why join?

Thank you for your interest in the Association for Researching and Applying Metaphor (RaAM).

RaAM strives to:

  • advance the study of metaphor, metonymy and other kinds of figurative expression, with a commitment to the application of such research to ‘real world’ issues;
  • encourage the development of rigorous research methods for the study of metaphor, metonymy and figurative expression in general in applied contexts; and
  • foster interdisciplinary collaboration in this area of study.

RaAM is open in terms of:

  • the theoretical approaches that members apply,
  • the means of expression they analyse (be it language, imagery, objects, sound, or practices), and
  • the contexts of use they study (academia, literature, the arts, politics, business, law, health care, organisations, journalism, science and technology, or others).