RaAM bursaries (Hong Kong conference)

RaAM is offering a limited number of student and non-student bursaries for RaAM12 in Hong Kong. They will be available to RaAM members who have had their abstracts accepted. The deadline for applications has been extended until 6 May 2018.

If you wish to apply for a bursary, please fill out the bursary application form. You will need to explain your situation and provide proof that you will not receive support from your institution.

Please note: the bursary will not cover all of your costs — the amount is usually around EUR 500, depending on the number of applications.

Please also note that the bursary will be paid out via wire transfer after reception of receipts. You will need to provide (copies of) receipts to the RaAM Treasurer, Alice Deignan, at the conference. No money is paid out in the case of no shows or failure to provide receipts.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the RaAM Conference Secretary, Lettie Dorst (conf_secretary@raam.org.uk).