Social events

At every RaAM event, there is a social event organised specifically for students. This is a great chance to get to know or catch up with other student members, socialise, network and relax. Past RaAM events have held parties, dinners or lunches for students. See a selection of pictures from these gatherings below.

2019 – Specialized seminar: Metaphor studies at the intersection of multiple disciplines, Liège, Belgium

2018 – RaAM 12, Conference: Metaphor across contexts and domains: From description to application, Hong Kong

2015 – Specialized Seminar: Metaphor in/and/of translation, Leiden, Netherlands

2014 – RaAM 10, Conference: Metaphor in Communication, Science and Education, Cagliari, Italy

2010 – RaAM 8, Conference: Metaphor and Domains of Discourse, Amsterdam, Netherlands

2009 – Specialized Seminar: Metaphor, metonymy & multimodality, Amsterdam, Netherlands