Katharina Peterke
Universität Koblenz-Landau

Title of ResearchConceptual metaphor in ELT as key to language competence? An empirical study in the school context.
Program of StudyPhD in English Linguistics
Research InterestsI am interested in the influence of explicit conceptual metaphor teaching on the language competence of foreign language learners in the school context - especially with regard to the effective use of vocabulary and flexibility/creativity in language use. Classroom material and tests are developed for the purpose of my study and a common rating grid for assessing writing proficiency is adapted for the evaluation of the pupils´ written language production.
Further, I am interested in metaphor in intercultural communication and neural aspects of metaphor.
ActivitiesConference presentations:
6th UK Cognitive Linguistics Conference, Bangor, UK, July 19-22, 2016
11th Conference of the Association for Researching and Applying Metaphor: Metaphor in the Arts, in Media and Communication, Berlin, Germany, July 1-4, 2016
Graduiertenforum des IPZ, Landau, Germany, June 8, 2016 (Poster presentation)
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