Update Narrative & Metaphor in Education: programme and registration

The programme for the Narrative & Metaphor in Education conference, to be held in Amsterdam from 30 March until 1 April, 2017, is now online!

Registration is open until 28 February.

The programme contains plenty of oral presentations, as well as a series of workshop. In addition, 5 keynote presentations (9 speakers) will be held by scholars who have undertaken outstanding work on narrative and metaphor in educational theory or practice.

Michael Hanne (University of Auckland, New Zealand) – Look both ways – and all around!

Kieran Egan (Simon Fraser University, Canada) – Discovering the oral world and its disruption by literacy.

Niklas Pramling (University of Gothenburg, Sweden) – The role of metaphor in learning and knowledge formation.

Martin Cortazzi &  Lixian Jin (University of Warwick/University of Nottingham Ningbo China) – Journeys through metaphor and narrative landscapes: cross-cultural perspectives.

Martijn Meeter (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, The Netherlands) – Reading a metaphor.

Vera Caine, D. Jean Clandinin & Sean Lessard (University of Alberta, Canada) – Ways of Departure: Contemplating Relational Ethics in Narrative Inquiry.